Llewellin Setters

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I have hunted and raised English Setters since 1974.  I got my first LLewellin in 2002 and have enjoyed that particular line of English Setter ever since.  Both parents of a pup have to have a DNA Certification for the pup to be registered with FDSB as a Llewellin Setter.  You can breed a Llewellin Setter to an FDSB registered English Setter and register the pups as English Setters, however, future pups from the Llewellin Stud or Dame will only be eligible to be registered as English Setter.

Llewellin Setters make excellent pointing dogs for the foot hunter and serve a dual role as a loyal member of the household.  You will love a llewe because the llewe will love you.

Call for pup availability.  Currently have a 10 week old female available out of April.   
Go to www.nikitlabradors.com for show lab information and new pups from Grand Champion Belquest Kit's Gon'a Do It Tucker

We have a limited number of llewellin pups available each year but feel free to contact us at any time.  Our contact information is in this site and you can mail, text, or call us with any questions.  Some pictures of our previous pups are shown below.  They are now with their happy new companions. 

Nick Brasel

Watch the video above of Luke/Penny pup in training at her new home in Alabama.